Why You Should Try The Keto Diet

Why you should try the KETO diet?


One of the hottest diets on the global multi-billion dollar weight loss industry stage is the Keto Diet. It seems like more and more weight loss experts are rushing to get their ketogenic diet book out before the demand cools down. In fact, there’s so much hype about this diet that it risks becoming the next Paleo diet. You remember the Paleo diet, right? There are so many variations of the Paleo diet that people are quite unclear as to what “paleo” really means. Not surprisingly, those who try that diet report a huge variation in results. Some are able to keep their excess weight off for good. Most are struggling and ended up regaining the weight they lost. Sadly, a large number of Paleo diet veterans ended up packing on more pounds than they started with! If you don’t want this to happen to you, you need to get a clear idea about the Keto Diet so you can make a truly informed decision about this weight loss method.  I was first exposed to the keto diet from Blaine Podaima at Podaima Performance.  He is an expert at weight loss and he uses mainly a keto diet to get rapid results with his clients.  Check out some to the results on his testimonial page if you would like some motiviation!


What is the Keto Diet?


People can only lose weight in one of three basic ways. First, they can choose to eat less calories every single day. Second, they can eat the same amount of food but they can pump up the amount of exercise or activities they do daily. They end up burning more calories than they take in. Third, people can try to do both: eat less and become more physically active. The reason why people lose weight in these situations is that they achieve a net negative calorie intake state. In this state, the body starts to compensate for the ‘lost’ calories by burning up the available sugar in the bloodstream. After that there is no more blood sugar to use up, the body then starts converting stored fat and muscle tissue into fuel for its cells. The end result? You end up losing weight. The Keto Diet turbocharges this process.


What sets the Keto diet from other diets is that it primes your body’s tendency and ability to burn your fat stores for energy. Instead of turning to sugar for energy, the Keto diet trains your body to burn up your fat stores and muscles first. This process is called Ketosis. Ketosis turns fat into ketones which your cells use your for energy. Ketone levels in your blood also regulate your hunger signals.


Does this all sound familiar?
Chances are, if you have ever tried the Atkins, South Beach, or Paleo diets in the past, the process I described above would be very familiar. They should be. Atkins and other protein or fat-heavy diets use one variation of the Keto diet or another. However, they aren’t ‘pure’ ketogenic diets. Those variations allow for certain tweaks that get in the way of a ‘true’ ketosis-centered diet.


What sets the Keto diet apart?


The Keto Diet pushes your body to quickly switch its primary energy source from sugar to fat. It does this by requiring you to eat a lot of oil/fat. Unlike the Atkins Diet which is very heavy in proteins, a pure Keto Diet actually limits the amount of protein you can eat in any single day. How come? Interestingly enough, if there is too much protein in the diet, the body’s ability to turn fat into energy will get hampered. The Keto Diet uses an optimal ratio of protein to fat to maximize ketosis. Of course, just like other ketogenic diets, the Keto Diet virtually outlaws the eating of carbohydrates. If even a little bit of carbs get in your system, you body can go back to using carbs first as fuel sources. This switch might slow down your system’s fat burning capabilities and/or rate.


Is the Keto diet easier to maintain?


As any veteran of fad diets would know, the best way to tell if a diet is any good is how long people can keep the pounds off. I am happy to report that when it comes to a convenient and relatively quick way to long-term weight loss, the Keto Diet is quite hard to beat. First, you get to indulge in fatty food without feeling guilty. In fact, a lot of the dishes in a typical Keto meal plan are quite tasty. You don’t get the feeling you’re depriving yourself. You don’t end up feeling you’re missing out on the stuff your friends are eating. You can eat quite a bit of meat and oil/fat. Also, since the Keto Diet is meat and fat-focused, you can prepare quick and easy meals using stir fry and pressure cooker methods. It doesn’t take much effort to stay on a Keto program.


Breaking into the Keto lifestyle
By this point, it would be perfectly natural if you’re excited about trying the Keto Diet out. Before you do, you need to have the proper mindset in place. Otherwise, you’re just going to be wasting your time. First, you need to assume that it will work. Next, you have to assume that you will hit some snags along the way. On some days, you might end up raiding the fridge and feasting on some pasta or some otherwise forbidden chocolate cake. Get ready to not beat yourself up when this happens.


Another key mindset you need to adopt is to take baby steps displacing your current diet. This means adding to your meals instead of taking food out or cutting portions in half. As you get used to your Keto meals, you’ll want your regular diet’s dishes less and less. It also helps if you take periodic pictures of yourself. It is too easy to lose motivation with any diet. When you look at the relatively quick weight loss you’ve achieved, you get pumped up. It then becomes easier and easier for you to stick to your drastically low carbohydrate routine.
Finally, make a public pronouncement to your Facebook friends that you’re going on the Keto Diet. This will give you a tremendous ‘disincentive’ to quit. If you fail, you will get embarrassed. Also, by letting others know, they can help keep you accountable-this is especially true if they are dieting as well.

Why Do Most Diets Fail

Why do most diets fail?


I don’t want to depress you but I need to address a very important topic. You have to understand that its very easy to get excited when it comes to dieting. Popular diets come and go. In fact, it seems that almost every single year, there’s a hot new diet that people just have to try. Predictably, people get excited about the new diet and try it. When the initial hype euphoria die down, they end up having to face reality.


The reality is quite harsh.


The reality is that, for the most part, people who try to diet will fail. Unless you are clear about the causes of your failure, you will remain stuck in this sad carousel where you get on a diet and then you get off it just to regain the pounds you lost.


In many cases, people who lost weight dieting not only regain all the pounds they shed but they added even more pounds. That’s how bad things could be. If you’re sick and tired of trying one failed diet after another, listen up. You have to pay attention on to why most diet fail so you can diet the right way. Otherwise, you will repeat the same sorry pattern above again and again. Why do most diets fail? Here are the reasons:


Most diets are marketed as external products


As the old saying goes, change can only come from within. This might be unpleasant news for most people, but this is the cold hard truth. You can’t look at dieting, weight loss, and any other lifestyle modification program as an external product. You can’t look at them as stuff that you try on like clothing.


Its too easy to look at the process of weight loss as a simple matter of buying products that you mix and match. If one product fails, you then find another. This is a problem. Why? We are not looking for deodorant or soap here. Instead, we’re looking for a lifestyle modification system that would work for you permanently. Unfortunately, if you look at diets and weight loss systems as external products, then it’s easy to fail…


The Rub: most diets work but…


The rub is… most diets work. Believe it or not, most diets produce weight loss. That’s not the problem. The problem lies somewhere else.


Most diets will work, otherwise they won’t be popular and people will not buy those diet books, supplements, and related products like DVDs. The problem lies in the fact that their results are short-lived. That’s right. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight in the past only to see those pounds come back, you know exactly what I’m talking about. In fact, if you’re a typical person trying an average weight loss system, the pounds not only come back, the pounds come back with a vengeance! You end up weighing more that you started your diet. It’s really frustrating and demoralizing.


The Solution? Stop your external view of weight loss


You have to stop looking at weight loss as something that happens outside of you. You have to understand that permanent weight loss can only come from one place. It only comes deep within you. I know this flies in the face of all the products and advertising that you have been exposed to for years. After all, the global weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar behemoth precisely because most people look at weight loss in terms of buying the right product. You have to stop thinking that way. You have to stop looking at weight loss as an external phenomenon. Instead, you have to look at the reality of weight loss straight in the eye.


The reality: your inner world is reflected in your outer world


The way you look, the way you dress, the way you act around other people, and the way you act in certain circumstances are all reflections of your mindset. You have to understand this. This is the key to permanent lifestyle changes. Whether you’re looking at losing weight, making more money, getting promoted more, enjoying better relationships, attracting better people, this is the solution. You have to change your mindset so that you can produce the right set of actions which will impact you outer world. You have to understand that the outer world doesn’t care about your motivations and intentions. You may have intended the best things, you may have been motivated by the most noble drives. It doesn’t matter. The world only cares about the results you show. You have to understand that the way you act is a reflection of your mindset.


Key mindsets you need to adapt


The bottom line is if you want to lose weight permanently, you need to change how you look at yourself and your mindset. You have to change how you think. Here are the key mindset changes that you need to adopt if you wish to say goodbye permanently to your extra pounds.


First, you need to change from a dieting mindset to one of lifestyle modification. You have to remember that weight loss is the result of your lifestyle. Permanent weight loss doesn’t come from a temporary diet that you try from time to time.


Second, you need to shift from getting your comfort from food to other things. Maybe you should meditate. Maybe you should feel motivated and comforted when you exercise. Maybe you should think of past accomplishments that end up comforting you. Whatever you do, take the focus off food. People who struggle with their weight often eat so they can feel better about themselves. You have to shift from gaining comfort from food so you can fight your personal Battle Against The Bulge more effectively.


Third, you have to shift away from a “convenience mindset.” Stop thinking in terms of getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. You have to stop thinking that way.


When you go to work, park at the farthest parking lot and walk to the door of your office. If your office is in a high rise, take the stairs. Change your mindset from convenience and impatience to one that incorporates a healthy dose of physical challenges.


Another mindset change that is crucial is that you have to believe that you will keep your weight off.


A lot of people who fail with their diets do so because they believe that results are temporary. Its not a surprise the weight ends up coming back. If you want to eliminate excess weight permanently, believe that it is possible.


Finally, you need to have a momentum mindset. Believe that the more you stick to something, the easier it will become. If you allow yourself to think this way, you will be able to lose weight permanently.

I have read some really good articles from  http://www.yourhousefitness.com/.

Struggling With Love Handles? Here are 5 tips that Actually Work

The term love handles might sound warm and delicious but this is not the case for most people. When they start showing up, it might take you a lot more than effort to deal with them. This is because this body part is one of the hardest areas to lose weight. Ideally, love handles is a term used to describe what is commonly known as fat belly. These deposits of excess body fat which normally sit around the abdominal area are very popular in women who have just had a baby delivered. Since they occur in a very specific area, getting rid of the excess fat can be quite a challenge. These tips can help you out if you are really struggling with love handles:

Oblique Press and Reach

oblique press

This is a workout routine that can go a long way in helping you to get rid of your love handles. All you have to do is to kneel on your left knee and have your right foot out in front of you and foot flat on the ground. Ensure that your abdominal muscles are kept as tight as possible and your back straight. You also need to tuck your tailbone. You then need to hold a weight in your right hand and extend your arms to a 90 degree angle. Try reaching up as you extend your arms straight into the air as you bend your body to the left hand side to touch the ground with your fingertips.

Bicycle Crunch  

bicycle crunch

Lay flat on the ground on your back and get your hands by your ears. Follow this up by elevating your legs to a 90 degree angle. To get into the rhythm, you then need to bring your left knee towards your chest while twisting your right elbow towards the left knee. Do the same on the other side and get yourself into the rhythm.

Russian Twist

Russian Twist

Start your workout routine from a sitting positing with your bended knees and flat feet. Form this position, you can go ahead and lean back slightly with your back straight as you get yourself into a comfortable workout position. Work your ab muscle by contracting them even as you stretch your arms out in front of you and twist your torso side to side.

Reduce your alcohol intake

reduce alcohol intake

In fact you may want to consider doing away with all the sugary foods. What alcohol does is that it kicks keeps a high level of facts into your body as the alcohol is known for releasing cortisol which normally suppresses the production of testosterone in both men and women. In addition to this, alcohol is also associated with causing blood sugar swings hence the reason as to why drunkards end up experiencing restless sleep after drinking alcohol. With blood sugar swings, you risk getting belly fats because the blood sugar swings act like another stressor that can trigger belly fat storage.